Renovation Related Services

Electrical Panel Upgrade

The standard for household power used to be approximately 60 amps but now may need as many as 200 amps to run things such as computer equipment, HVAC systems, HD television sets, and home automation devices.

In many older homes the electrical panel would use fuses which are considered a major fire hazard. It is suggested to have your electrical panel upgraded to one which uses circuits instead.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Tired of turning on your fan only to find that your completely dissatisfied by it’s performance? Want to install more up-to-date fixtures but not sure how?

Let us take the guess work out of installation, we’ll upgrade and install the fixtures in your home.

Switch Installation

Not certain how to remove those pesky wires from their terminal or whether or not the circuit is dead?

Uncertain what the color coded wires truly mean and aren’t interested in enduring any sort of electrical shock.

We’ll change out all your dead switches and verify all wiring has been done properly and is still in safe condition for continued use.

Fire Alarm Installation

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    What Does Cost-Per-Gallon Mean?

    Price is but one factor which enters in paint values

    How many square feet will it cover per gallon?

    More important still, statistics show that cheap-price-per-gallon paint lasts only about half as long

    What are its working and spreading properties?

    The protective value of paint becomes more important as the years go by